Art & Craft

Jewelry Art   Mariko Kobayakawa

The foundation of my artwork is the teachings of Yoga.Yoga is a philosophy,psychology and also a religion.It teaches me how to live and the importance of facing myself to understand what I really am.  I believe my happiness is based on finding my true character and ability God gave me,then nurturing them in order to contrinbute to the world.My artwork shows my thoughts and the way I lead my life. I believe great artwork is born though my continuous study and growth as a person. This is how I strive to create my work.


Mariko Kobayakawa


Titaniumu Art      Tetsuya Fujikawa

  1. Titanium is a safe non toxic hypogllergenic metal.

because it is both fastless and odorless,it is an ideal metal for making cutlery and jewrly.bucause it is both hypoallergenic and non-reachse. Titanium is olso a strong and hard metal so it's very tough work to hand made.

Tetsuya Fujikawa's Kosaisyoku titanium art, blends the powerful qualities of titanium with traditional japanese craftmanship to create a modern twist which suits our lifestyles.


Tetsuya Fujikawa


Glass Work      Yuta Maruoka








Yuta maruoka



Textile Sakiori  Yoko Tamura


SAKIORI is one of the traditional hand-weaving technique that spread out all over cold areas in Japan in mid-Edo era(18C) In those days in the northern areas where cotton plants couldn't grow,people wove cloth with flaxen fiber.

The cotton cloth carried by cargo ships(KITAMAEBUNE)made then enjoy the soft touch and warmth that they coulde't even dream,of with the flaxen fiber in earlier times.When people wove clothes with thoughtfully until they were about to be worm out, they toed them to taytters and breathed them a new life by weaving them into a new cloth.

SAKIORI is a weaving invented by the ancestors full of wisdom of life.     


Yoko Tamura                                                            


Potter   Sachiyo Yajima

It would bring me joy,if your world of imagination expands after seeing my work.


 Sachiyo Yajima





Mandala Art   Tsuyuka Akashi





明石 露香

Waercolor  Taichi Akashi